2021 Property Styling Trends that aren't going anywhere in 2022!

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Design trends are always evolving and as they say "one day you're in... the next day you're out!" But there are many current design trends that we believe will continue to influence the new year and shape design in the coming future.

If 2020/21 has shown us anything, our homes have become our everything - our workplaces, schools, and family zones all bleeding in with each other. That has meant a lot of families are finally taking steps to move to larger homes with more dedicated spaces for this new environment we are in or finally taking the plunge in updating the areas of their existing homes that just do not function well anymore. Knowing the trends of what buyers are looking for will help you achieve maximum appeal to get the best result when selling!

The goal of a property stylist or home stager is to showcase your home to appeal to the largest demographic of buyers and provide them with an emotional connection to the space allowing them to imagine themselves living there and calling it home. The stronger the connection the more competition between buyers who have their heart set on your home means the best possible price in the fastest amount of time!

Trend 1 - Subtle Natural Look

As our world becomes more technologically advanced and we enter the digital age of zoom calls being the norm, interiors are heading towards a more down-to-earth look and feel that reconnects us to nature. A home should promote a sense of welcome and calm, zoned areas for work or play that promote work-life balance and simplified spaces that are uncluttered to increase our mental and physical health.

What does that mean in design terms?

- Think neutral colours and earth tones

- Natural materials and textures

- Simple chunky shapes and monolithic solid furniture

- Basic patterns and shapes

Trend 2 - Industrial Colours, Muted-tones and Australiana Colour Palette

As we embrace this getting back to basics down-to-earth aesthetic, you will see warm earth colours continue to be used as a contrast to the neutral white walls that many updated homes are showcasing. This ode to the Australian bush and desert adds a sense of warmth to these spaces but doesn't make them feel dark and dated. It's the perfect mix of light and moody and not polarising to the majority of buyers experiencing your home.

What does that mean in design terms?

- Think bold earth tone colours - Rust, Terracotta, Clay and Deep Desert hues

Trend 3 - Simple Shapes and Minimalistic forms with texture

What many designers refer to as rustic minimalism, we are seeing the continuation of natural textures and simple shapes working together. The idea is that simplicity creates warm safe spaces that provide a sense of calm. It is a rejection of the disposable mass-produced culture and back to handcrafted unique artisan-made robust pieces.

What does that mean in design terms?

- Think chunky textured or carved timbers with simple patterns and shapes

- Stone and Timber monolithic pieces.

- Generous proportions and strong bold lines

Trend 4 - Indigenous patterns and natural materials

In order for these more down-to-earth spaces to feel soft and warm and not so hard-edged, you will see a lot more natural textures, textiles and indigenous patterns and artwork displayed to tie these designs together. It is a movement restoration for the appreciation of the artisan and celebration of the amazing skill sets that these craftsmen bring to our world.

What does that mean in design terms?

- Think Natural patterns and indigenous art

- Dyed fabrics, linens and cotton.

- Textures and patterns

The best news about navigating trends is that you don't have to. Engaging a property stylist that lives in this design world can easily help transform your property to appeal to the masses and make the selling process simple and easy for you. If you are thinking of selling feel free to reach out and we can walk through your home and provide tips and tricks specific to your home on how best to present your property for maximum buyer appeal!

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